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Brick homes and business have many benefits.

Bricks are Resilient and Durable

If you build a full brick home, your home will be weatherproof and age proof, with minimal upkeep throughout the time you live there. Brick is a great option for those of us living in Ohio or the Midwest with muggy summers and cold winters. This building material truly stands the test of time. There is no upkeep needed to maintain aesthetics and durability. Bricks are also resistant to termites.

Energy-efficient building material.

Manufactured from naturally occurring materials like shale and clay. This material is naturally occurring and abundant in mines. Bricks can even be recycled and reused. Making brick a great option for our environment. If you suffer from allergies or other environmental sensitivities, brick offers virtually no emissions. They don’t contain harsh chemicals, plastics, or artificial compounds, making homes and businesses healthy environments to be in. Bricks also have an energy-efficient quality with the ability to absorb and store heat energy keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Noise Cancelling

Brick provides more sound insulation and acts as a sound barrier. No matter if that’s in-between rooms within a home or from traffic noise outside. Bricks are very dense so sounds are not able to transfer through the wall.

Fire Resistant

Bricks alone don’t fireproof a building, however, they are non-combustible and don’t assist the spread of fire. Unlike timber and plastic which are flammable, building with brick ensures a strong foundation for protecting your investment.

Increase Your Home Value

If you build with brick your home will appreciate at a higher rate than the other year after year. Brick homes can see an immediate increase in value by roughly 8% than over homes that have wood, vinyl, or fiber-cement siding. Homes with brick are appraised at a higher value than those with vinyl siding.

Endless Styles and Design Possibilities

Brick continues to be a popular building material choice among architects and designers. Our masonry design consultants can help you with designs ranging from contemporary to classic and everything in between. Brick offers design flexibility, strong structural capabilities, and intricate detailing to make any project stand out. No matter if your project is small or a large commercial building, Hamilton Parker can help select the bricks to suit any building style.