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COVID-19 Update: Please note our Cincinnati branch is requiring appointments to visit our showroom at this time. At all other HP locations, appointments are highly encouraged. Walk-ins may experience a wait and there are limited appointments available on Saturdays. We apologize for any inconvenience. All Covid-19 safety guidelines and orders must be followed at all times.

Where can I purchase garage doors from Hamilton Parker?

Garage doors are available at our Columbus and Delaware locations. With expert guidance from our knowledgeable team and the area’s most extensive selection of garage doors, we’ll work with you to transform your home or business into a place that reflects your style, taste, and personality.

What is the difference between belt, chain, and jackshaft drive garage door openers?

Chain drive openers are the most common type of opener. They utilize a chain to push or pull, a trolley that lifts and lowers your door. They can be noisier than others due to the metal-on-metal contact created when operating. Newer models often have soft-stop and soft-start technology that will reduce the noise output. If you have a detached garage you do not necessarily need anything more than a standard chain drive.

Belt drive openers are very similar to chain drive, but use a belt rather than a chain. The belt can be made of fiberglass, polyurethane, or steel-reinforced rubber and will be quieter due to the lack of metal-on-metal contact. The belt drive models are more expensive than their chain drive counterparts but are just as durable. If you have an attached garage that sits below a bedroom you could benefit from this quieter option.

A jackshaft system will mount on the wall beside the door, rather than hang from the ceiling. the motor will drive pulleys and cables that then turn the torsion bar to raise the door. When reversed, the cable tensions loosens and the door will lower. These are the most expensive of the opener options, however, they will have the quietest operation and provide more storage space in the garage.

If you live in an area with frequent power outages the battery back-up may be a very important option.

What is included with my new garage door purchase?

All new doors include tracks, springs, hardware, panels, and the weather sealing for the exterior. Some garage doors have optional decorative hardware options that can be added on to your purchase.

Can I place a special order or customize my garage door purchase?

Yes, if your home has a hexagonal or arched opening we will need to order additional stop mold weather stripping. This is especially important for special order doors or non-white doors where we do not keep the stop mold in stock.

Do you offer installation services? Will you install garage doors or openers purchased elsewhere?

Due to liability reasons we only offer installation services on the product we have sold in our Columbus or Delaware locations. Our installation can include the removal and haul away of the current door. If necessary, the installation of the new tracks, springs, hardware, panels, and the reconnection of the existing opener will be done.

Can I customize my garage doors with or without windows?

Any door can be customized to include or exclude windows. However, not all window styles are available on all door models. Windows are an additional cost as they are considered an addition or upgrade to a door.

Will you take down my current door and haul it away?

Yes, we can remove and haul your existing door away. We will need to know prior to selling you your door if this will be a removal and haul situation so that we can ensure enough technicians are available.

Does my garage door opener work with Alexa or Homelink?

Almost all of our garage door openers will work with Homelink. We offer the 8550 from LiftMaster and the 4214H from Genie that are compatible with Alexa.

Do you currently have an opener installed? Do you know when it was installed?

Openers are incredibly important for your home. If you have a detached garage you do not necessarily need anything more than a standard chain drive, however, if you have an attached garage that sits below a bedroom would benefit from a quieter, belt-driven option. If you live in an area with frequent power outages the battery back-up may be very important to you. It’s also important to know the age of the opener if there currently is one. Openers made before 1993 were not required to have the safety sensors, eye beams, installed. We can retrofit new safety sensors on older opener models for additional safety.