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Practicing these preventive maintenance tips can extend the life of your garage door

Did you know the average garage door goes up over 1,000 times a year? To ensure your garage door is operating efficiently it’s important to do regular preventive maintenance checks. Nothing is more annoying than a noisy and inefficient garage door. By doing these simple maintenance checks a couple of times a year you can ensure your garage door will continue to operate fully.

Replace Battery and Bulbs

One of the top causes for garage door remotes not working is dead batteries. Replace batteries in remotes at least once a year depending on how often you use your door opener. If you’re having trouble you can usually locate an owner’s manual online or call one of our garage door service representatives. Also, don’t forget to replace the garage door opener light bulbs with the size and wattage recommended in the manual as part of your preventive maintenance check.

Lubricate All Moving Parts

Frequent lubrication to your opener springs, chain and tracks is key to smooth operation for your garage door opener. Try applying lubricant on the squeaky spots first to help better identify the cause. Once all parts are lubricated open the door several times to ensure the door is functioning properly.

Tighten Anything Loose

Inspect and tighten any bolts or fasteners on moving parts. Garage door springs are under high tension, so if you notice any rusting or corrosion it might be time to replace. Adjustment or replacement of springs requires extreme care. Our team of garage door experts can provide the maintenance expertise needed to fix any issues.

Tracks are Secure

Look for wear in the lift cables attached to the door. Check to make sure sections aren’t cracked or dented, cables aren’t loose or have slack, and springs aren’t wound too tight or too lose.

Door Operation is Smooth

Making sure it’s going up and down smoothly at a normal pace, not struggling but also not flying up.

Learn more about the maintenance and repairs offered by our garage door experts.