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We’re seeing a resurgence in home renovations with all of us spending more time at home these days. These fall tile trends reflect our desire for cozy colors and rich environments. Try these bold trends that can be used in just about any space including retail spaces, bathrooms, kitchens, and hotel lobbies.

Tiling with Triangles

We’re seeing a ton of creativity in tiles, from interesting tile shapes—like triangles or hexagons. Updating a bathroom backsplash or shower surround to incorporate a new shape or color is an easy and inexpensive way to immediately upgrade. There are typically four different shapes of triangle tile: including traditional square-shaped, rectangular-shaped, and smaller versions of the two.

Warm Color Palettes

Add beauty and comfort to the home with hues like clay, creams, and beiges. These comforting colors evoke all those cozy fall feelings that will stand the test of time. The design industry is moving toward color palettes that offer a wide variety of combinations. For instance, paired with navy blue cabinetry and champagne finishes to evoke a welcoming feeling into your home. You can also pair these types of warm colors with different patterns and bold textures to add interest.

Porcelain Countertops

Porcelain Countertops | Crossville

Not only do porcelain countertops possess the beauty only the real-thing can rival, but they perform better than most countertop materials out there. These countertops come in many stone and concrete looks, just like traditional tile, and have similar characteristics like stain-proof, wear-proof, heat-proof, and budget-friendly. The durability and stain resistance of porcelain makes it an excellent countertop choice. In conclusion, this fall tile trend will last long after this season.

Large Tiles

fall tile trends 2020
Prexious of Rex | Florim

We’re still seeing a lot of people drawn to larger tiles—as in tiles ranging from 4-foot by 4-foot and getting bigger from there. Commercial builders have been using these for about 10 years now, and as people see them in places like hotels, they’re getting excited by the idea of using them residentially for a smooth, chic, European-inspired look.