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Hamilton Parker has teamed up with Imola Tecnica to bring Ventilated Façades Systems from Italy to our projects here in Ohio. These systems were created to meet the specific requirements of designers and enterprises. Ventilated Facade systems combine the best made-to-measure solutions for your custom projects.

What is a ventilated facade system?

The ventilated façade is a cladding system with a two-part structure for the exterior of a built environment. The system is comprised of a support framework and finishing facing, creating a cavity between the masonry structure and the facing. Moreover, the façade system will provide highly protected and energy-efficient buildings, along with innumerable aesthetic opportunities. While it is highly suitable for commercial applications, the system can be utilized as an outdoor covering for almost all building types and can be applied to existing structures.

Ventilated Façades Systems

Advantages of a facade cladding system

The façade system panels deliver advantages that benefit the financial and environmental impact of a building.There are many advantages offered by ventilated curtain walls. For instance, breathability for maximum comfort, weather-proofing, thermal and acoustic insulation and up to 20% more energy efficiency.

Façade facing and details

Glazed porcelain stoneware is the ideal material because it is inherently resistant to freeze and thaw cycles, fire, warping, color changes or staining, chemical abrasions, along with their compact thickness and wide range of formats. This lends to design opportunities that are extremely customizable with thousands of aesthetic options from solid colorations, marbles, concretes, and wood looks.

In addition, the structures are secured so that the only loads acting on them are the systems’ own weight and the wind. The cladding structure support can be safeguarded either by visible clips or a hidden fixing system for more enhanced aesthetic results.

Interested in learning more about this system for your next project? Contact one of our sales team members and visit our Columbus, Ohio showroom to see the façade system on display.