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What is the demand for outdoor kitchens?

With the growing popularity of outdoor living, homeowners are looking for ways to extend their usable living space. Outdoor kitchens provide an additional area for cooking, dining, and relaxation, allowing individuals to make the most of their outdoor areas and maximize the utility of their property.

Do outdoor kitchens increase home value?

Outdoor kitchens have become a desirable feature for homebuyers. Properties with well-designed outdoor living spaces, including kitchens, are often seen as more valuable and attractive. Investing in an outdoor kitchen can potentially increase the resale value of a home.

Create A Unique Outdoor Oasis

Outdoor kitchens offer a wide range of customization options. Homeowners can choose the layout, appliances, materials, and design elements that align with their personal preferences and style. This ability to create a unique outdoor cooking and dining space appeals to individuals who value personalized environments.

Let’s take a look at the latest recommendations from our team of experts here at Hamilton Parker

Grill Built-ins and Accessories

Outdoor Kitchen with built-in grill and accessories

Did you know that we offer grills? Our partner FireMagic offers a wide selection of built-in grill options. You can also add accessories like a refrigerator to make your outdoor kitchen even more functional.

Pizza Ovens

Outdoor Kitchen with Pizza Oven

Remarkably, wood-burning pizza ovens can be affordable for an outdoor kitchen. They are truly a fun way to spend the evening with family and friends creating memories to last a lifetime. If you are looking to see one in person, come visit our Columbus Outdoor showroom.

Pavers for Outdoor Kitchens and Indoor Applications

Create a contemporary look with textures and hues that can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. We offer a number of options to complete a cohesive look from your outdoor kitchen to your indoor kitchen and beyond.

Overall, the demand for outdoor kitchens in 2023 is driven by a desire for expanded living spaces, improved cooking experiences, and more entertainment options.