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It’s never too early to think about how you’re going to enjoy your outdoor living spaces. We’ve collected some of our top selling patio pavers to help inspire your next outdoor patio project. Hamilton Parker is proud to support local paver installers in the greater Columbus area. Talk to our sales team and we’ll help you find an installer in your area. As in any profession, please check several references on previous projects before you hire anyone for your own project. 

We offer everything from traditional clay pavers to the sleek and modern designs of porcelain pavers.

Get inspired by our best-seller patio pavers. Visit our Columbus, Ohio showroom to take a closer look at all of these options. Don’t forget to complete your outdoor spaces with a fire pit, fire feature, or outdoor kitchen.  

The Panorama Series from Keystone Pavers

Patio Paver look around the pool |  Keystone Pavers

This collection from Keystone pavers creates the aesthetic of old-world charm. They feature rectilinear shapes, riven surfaces, and rounded edges which recall the timeless appeal of weathered cut flagstone. Panorama pavers are available in a range of sizes and heights to suit overlay, vehicular, and large-format applications.

Porcelain Pavers or 2CM Frontier 20 from Landmark Ceramics

The Frontier20 collection from Landmark is one of our most popular patio paver outdoor options. This product allows you to match your interiors to your exteriors with a seamless transition.  Leaving room for you to be creative with your indoor and outdoor spaces. This collection offers an infinite combination of colors, sizes, trim pieces, and finishes. All designed to meet the demands of your outdoor space. The best part about it? It’s stainproof, slip-resistant, chemical resistant, no maintenance required. Isn’t that amazing?

Clay Pavers from Pinehall Brick and Belden Brick

A classic patio look that never goes out of style. Something that comes to mind for clay pavers is the rich colors that don’t change over time. Take a look around, these traditional clay pavers cover our beautiful cities. From downtown sidewalks to your backyard, they are a timeless option

Eddington Blend Holland Stone from Keystone

The simple shapes of the Holland collection from Keystone can be installed in a variety of ways. Patterns ranging from herringbone, basketweave, or an off-set look. We can’t get enough of all the fun pattern play options. Mixing these patterns with a combination of colors can create a truly unique space. 

Studio 2CM from Aparici

If you have a more contemporary vision look no further than the porcelain patio paver Studio 2CM collection from Aparici. The clean, modern lines.